Handmade in Oz, Reviewed for all!

I have to be honest with you... before I had kids I had always gone with the theory - A bib is a bib - as long as it stops your little ones top getting wet and/or grubby it's all good right? then I had kids and learnt that bibs are oh so very different! Do they sit right? are they absorbent? are they easy but not too easy to undo? will they come out of the wash the same? are they big enough for the mess of solid foods but not to big that bub gets in a tangle? are they cute but not covered in 'licensed' characters?.... who knew bibs could be so complex?!!
So when I was asked to test run and review "a fun and functional bib" from Oli B Designs I jumped at the chance to see if it would tick all the right boxes and I'm glad to say it absolutely did!!

Handmade by Perth businesswoman and mum Justine who was frustrated with finding cute bibs, absorbent bibs or bibs that can’t be pulled off by bub easily, but couldn't find a bib that has all these features. Justine knew there was a better solution than boring bibs that didn’t do the job and has a gorgeous selection of these Funky Bibs to choose from.

Now I have two little people in my home who are at different stages of 'bib use' so believe me this Funky Bib got a good work out. My 20 month old is proudly feeding herself all meals so some meals are spotless and spill free then other meals are a bib (and floor mop) must. I then have a 5 month old who has only recently started solid feeds but has always been a bib bub from his love of a good drool. Oli B Designs Funky Bib has passed the test of both my kids -
Absorbent: Check
Sit right: Check
Bounce back after a wash (or several): Check
Good size: Check
Cute: Check
I'm sold on these bibs - truly! The soft cotton and toweling are perfect for little drools and big spills. The best feature I found is the way the bibs are secured, no Velcro, no press studs just a simple knot that threads through a buttonhole. Awesome for using when you have two different size necks as you can just adjust where the knot sits. Another bonus of the knot and button hole for any parent is the lack of snagging from a Velcro patch when washing - a HUGE plus in my book!

Take a wander through the selection of Oli B Designs 'Best Seller' Funky Bibs made from limited edition fabric to pick a favorite or two hey and to save on postage why not grab three or more and have a few ready as the perfect gift for a new mum?

You will also find a selection of kids bloomers, chenille pants, little sets, tops & singlets as well as custom made chenille caftans over at Oli B Designs web site.

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Anonymous said...

They look really great!